Roman Reigns Takes A Shot At Goldberg; WWE Hall Of Famer Responds


WWE SmackDown Superstar, Roman Reigns randomly took a shot at Goldberg on social media this weekend, and he wasted little time in responding.

A fan mocked the Big Dog for using a pad during his ring entrance punch, and Reigns quickly replied, defending himself.

Reigns stated that he uses it so he doesn’t break his hand every time he does the pose. Roman stated that not using it would be stupid, like headbutting a door before a match kind of stupid. This is a nod to Goldberg, who does that as a pre-match ritual and has previously knocked himself out and bust himself open doing it.

Goldberg clearly saw the moment, admitting the tweet was one of those, “C’mon man,” moments. He said he would stick with his old school ways, confessing that we all have bad days.