Roman Reigns Talks Family, Buzz He Has Going, WWE Influences and More


– In the video above, NYC DJ Paul Rosenberg spoke with Roman Reigns before WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view last month. Here are highlights:

* He talked about triple powerbombing The Rock through a table at last year’s Royal Rumble and said it was pretty cool interacting with Rock.

* His dad is Sika, brother is Rosey, Rikishi is a first cousin, The Usos are second cousins, The Rock is a second cousin, Umaga was a first cousin and Yokozuna was a first cousin. He talks to his dad, brothers and cousins often about his career.

* Reigns thinks the rush from wrestling is cooler than football. He talked about how you control the crowd with wrestling and how you can connect with a wrestling crowd easier than a football crowd.

* Regarding the big buzz that Reigns has right now, he says his goal in WWE is to be the #1 singles competitor. He says The Shield was just meant to be.

* Triple H has been a big influence on him in the locker room. Reigns called him a great resource. He talked about Road Dogg, Michael Hayes, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and others being a big help.

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  1. As much as I like Reigns and the fact he wrestles a lot like the Undertaker does with his speed and hard hitting he does…he is just lacking a gimmick to be a singles performer.

    That maybe more of a tweaking by WWE creative to give him a gimmick…but other than that…he’s a phenomenal wrestler in my opinion.

    • name a wrestling move reigns knows besides a punch and a spear… reign haas a good look and decent mic skills but ring wise he has less of a moveset then john cena andknows nothing about selling,hes so fresh its not even funny

      • LMAO comparing Cena’s boring wrestling to Reigns. Why do you think the crowd yells out…boring…boring every time Cena goes out there?? lol.

  2. I See Roman Reigns As The Second Coming Of The Big Bossman … Rather Than Being A Former Prison Guard (Ray Traylor), He Comes Across As An “Enforcer” Who I’m Interested In Seeing In Singles’ Competition … To See If He Has The “IT” Factor To Become Successful In The WWE Or Whether His Career Will Fizzle.


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