Roman Reigns Talks Fan Support During Leukemia Battle, On His WrestleMania 35 Match


The Big Dog, Roman Reigns recently spoke with People about a range of topics including the fans support during his battle with Leukemia, despite his character normally receiving mixed reactions.

On fan support despite being a polarizing character:

“I was blown away,” Reigns said. “I have kind of been a polarizing character in our storylines and our industry, and our fans are passionate. They are passionate and vocal and will let you know what they are feeling and thinking, so I was nervous because this was something I kept with just me and my family for years.”

On working for his in-ring comeback:

“The moment I started feeling better, I started working out, getting back to training, trying to pull my mind away from being on the shelf — on the sideline and out of work essentially,” he says. “I just focused on my return and when the time was right, I knew my oncologist and the WWE doctors, they would give me the proper clearance to get back into the ring.”

On his WrestleMania 35 match with Drew McIntyre:

“There is nowhere like WrestleMania when you have that many people — I think we’re at over 80,000 people again — that type of emotion from that many people is incredible,” he said. “For me, to be able to see all of that culminate after a full year of hard work, all these guys and girls that came together to put on this product for a full year, no offseason — it makes it even more special, and it’s pretty amazing.”

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