Roman Reigns Talks His ‘Vince’s Boy’ Line, WWE Security & Middle East Crowds


Roman Reigns was a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week where he discussed his recent line about Brock Lesnar being ‘Vince’s boy’ and more. Below are some highlights from the interview:

Middle East fans:

“They are very gracious, pretty much everywhere we go is perfect because there is so much energy and excitement. We get to travel around America and do our domestic touring year-round but there are some places we only get to go once or twice a year and you can definitely tell.”

WWE’s security:

“We have a great security staff and that is one thing people don’t realize, security is a huge part, they run our schedule, they rent cars and make drives and have to wait till every talent is out of the building and it’s very demanding. They will do the midnight shift drive and then have to be up for 9.30 and 10 to work security for Vince, there’s a lot that goes into it and they are another key example.”

His Vince’s Boy line:

“Whether you are somebody who is in a situation like me or somebody who is new or has been around for a long time and not gotten the push, the bottom line is we are all Vince’s boys. What we do for him and this company, he has a huge respect for that, what we like to call the natural resource of our business. You can find lighting and sound guys a lot of places, to find people what we do is not likely. Everybody is Vince’s boy and should have that relationship, are we all equal, no. Has Brock done a lot of stuff, absolutely. But when you are in that situation it is a matter of pride, what do you see in the mirror. When I don’t see that in a fellow talent it pisses me off. “

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