Roman Reigns Talks Return To WWE, “We’re Kinda Easing Into Things”


Roman Reigns recently spoke with the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast. During the discussion, Reigns talked about getting back on the road for WWE so soon after his leukemia went into remission. He said its been a process, saying “we’re kinda easing into things,” and that he should be back to “all cylinders” after WWE’s upcoming European Tour. The former-WWE Universal Champion is currently only working TV and big events for WWE, saying “I think it’s like in the middle of easing and back to close to full-time.”

Transcription via Norm Quarrington at ProWrestling Sheet.

“I think we’re gonna take care of me and just be smart and just slowly introduce me back to the full schedule and then hopefully post-Mania once we get through our big events internationally and then through the European tour,” he said. “Hopefully by the time we get done with that European tour I’ll be on all cylinders back to A-plus in-ring shape where I can do thirty minute main events every night and get back to complete normalcy.”

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