Ronda Rousey And Nikki Bella Continue Taking Shots At Each Other Ahead Of WWE Evolution


Raw Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey and current number one contender, Nikki Bella have both continued taking shots at each other over social media.

Rousey shared the Tale Of The Tape for their Women’s Championship match this Sunday, claiming that the “Backstabbing Bella” is going to get an ass whooping at Evolution.

Nikki Bella was quick to respond to the statement made by Rousey though by taking a shot at the fact Ronda has only had 24 matches, listing off all of her accomplishments.

However, Rousey then responded to Nikki, taking a shot at her role as a “Producer” on the Total Divas/Bellas shows, claiming that just because someone puts that title next to your name doesn’t make you a god.

Rousey claimed that the extent of her role on the show is that she lets them film her doing ridiculous things and in exchange, she gets a fancy title next to her name. She then continued stating that if a successful YouTube channel is on the short list of her accomplishments, then she isn’t doing anywhere near as well as she thought.

Ronda went on to state that she isn’t going to get into how bragging about your fame is narcissistic because she was busy competing at a WWE Live Event, asking what Nikki was doing, taking another wet t-shirt picture?

Both women are expected to be on WWE Raw this evening for the final build before what is expected to be Evolution’s main event match this Sunday.