Ronda Rousey In “No Rush” To Return To WWE


Former-WWE RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey recently sat down with People Magazine to talk about her time away from WWE. Rousey took a hiatus from the company in April to focus on her family, and film the tv show 9-1-1.

Rousey told People that her time with her family needs her full attention:

“I think I need to figure out a different way of doing it. To be able to not have to choose career over family or family over career and kind of find that happy medium.

“Right now, I think my family needs my undivided attention. I’m happy to give them that. But I’m trying to figure out a way or a system or somehow that I could give both my family and WWE the best of me and not be half ass in both.”

She also told the magazine that she’s in “no rush” to return to the WWE, citing the amazing work of the current women’s roster as part of the reason.

“I really don’t think that I’m that necessary in what’s going on. I think they’re crushing it and I really did want to bring a spotlight to what they’re doing and let them stand in it. And I think it’s kind of better, they’re better off with me taking a step away right now, and kind of finding their stride without me.