Ronda Rousey Interested In Fighting Four Times This Year


Ahead of her upcoming title bout against Alexis Davis at UFC 175 next month, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey talked about the prospect of possibly fighting four times this year. She previously fought and beat Sara McMann at UFC 170 last February. Below are some highlights.

“I would like to fight again at New Year’s, but that’s completely up to the UFC. I mean, I really like the feeling of these big cards, the New Year’s and the Fourth of July events. I feel like those are the biggest of the year, and I feel like that I’m a big enough draw that I deserve to be on the biggest cards of the year. … I really like the three-times-a-year pace for a champion. I think that really makes sense, and this year I wouldn’t mind doing four fights. I would like to fight again on New Year’s. But first, I’ve got to beat Alexis. I’ll think about the next one later.”

“I always do a six-week camp because I’m always in shape. People that take a few months to do nothing, they need an eight- or 12-week camp. But I’m back to the gym sometimes two days after a fight. They can’t keep me out of the gym. Overtraining is something I really have to worry about more than anything. But since I’m always in the gym, I only need six-week camps. … I’ve been doing this long enough where I know the structure that works and the rhythm that my body is used to, and that takes six weeks.”



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