Ronda Rousey: Less Is More

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Royal Rumble 2018 may forever be remembered as the night; Ronda Rousey made her long-awaited debut for the WWE. While she may have pointed to the Wrestlemania sign one too many times, her impact was undeniable. The media world exploded, and during the media frenzy, it was reported that Ronda Rousey signed a “full-time” deal with WWE.

Ronda Rousey in the WWE seemed inevitable. However, when Ronda first stepped in a WWE ring in 2015, her undefeated record and UFC belt were still intact. Now, two years and two losses later, Ronda is finally signed to a WWE contract.

While she may be coming off losses, Ronda is still the biggest star in MMA (with the exception of Conor McGregor), and WWE has signed someone who has the ability to help business in a big way.

But when the reports came out saying Ronda’s WWE contract is “full-time”, it left many confused. While we wait to see what she and WWE mean by full-time, Ronda may be better off following the “less is more” approach of her fellow ex-UFC champion, Brock Lesnar.

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  1. Marshall Williams-Harne on

    the less is more idea makes them irrelevant. brock is meaningless and him holding the title makes the title meaningless. he and it may as well not even exist.

    • Humza Hussain on

      I tend to disagree with Brock being meaningless, because if that was the case, no one would have cared when Goldberg beat him. I think you’d get more sick of him if he was on Raw every week.

      But we all have our opinions. Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. Personally think wwe made a mistake using the term full time as anybody expecting her there every single week etc is just mad IMO I fully expect her to have a brock type schedule which I agree with is what she should do

    • Humza Hussain on

      I’m not certain it was WWE who said the contract was “full-time”, but I agree that it confused people. A Brock style schedule is definitely the best thing for Ronda.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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