Ronda Rousey No Longer Being Advertised For Every WWE Raw Until WrestleMania 34


After not appearing on this week’s episode of WWE Raw, it appears that the schedule of the former UFC star, Ronda Rousey, has already changed.

WWE had previously claimed that Rousey would be appearing on every single episode of WWE Raw until the upcoming WWE WrestleMania 34, where she is set to make her in-ring debut.

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But after not appearing last night, that is clearly not the case. Today it has been revealed that Ronda Rousey is no longer being advertised for every Raw leading up until WrestleMania 34. Rousey is not advertised to appear on WWE Raw next week, in Dallas, Texas, nor is she scheduled for the following week in Cleveland, Ohio.

However, Rousey does remain part of the advertising for the WWE WrestleMania 34 go-home show in Atlanta Georgia, meaning we may not see her on TV again until April.

Neither Triple H nor Stephanie McMahon were seen on WWE Raw either this week, and Kurt Angle made no reference to the match throughout the show, with the only mentions coming in the form of video packages.