Rosemary On Her Experience So Far in Impact Wrestling, The Success of The Decay, Feuding with The Hardys


Impact Wrestling star Rosemary spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine, in conjunction with, about her time in the company so far, the success of The Decay faction and more. Below are some exclusive interview highlights:

On her time in the company so far:

It’s so strange to think that because some days I can’t believe it’s been two years already and other days I feel like I’ve been there for so much longer. I think what’s interesting is both years have been like two different chapters with the first focusing on my time with Decay and being part of a trio. This past year was about me branching out on my own but at the same time trying to create new relationships specifically Allie. So, it’s been two very different sides of the same character which has been a lot of fun and creatively very interesting.

On the success of The Decay:

It was when we were in the UK that we knew that we had something special. At the time, we aired in America on Tuesdays and the UK didn’t get the show until Sunday. We had arrived in Manchester for the UK tour on the Friday. So, by this point Decay hadn’t been on UK television yet but that night when we walked out in Manchester everyone was singing our entrance song! It was crazy! I’ll never forget that moment.

On the feud with The Hardys:

It seemed the stars were aligned! Both groups were just a perfect foil for each other. It was so over the top and that’s what made it so much fun. The thing about that feud which made it special is that they didn’t just throw us together. Over time Matt’s new character became established and we were still relatively new as a group so when the time came for us to go against each other, the fans knew why it was happening and they were emotionally invested in everyone involved regardless of whether they loved or hated them. So, for a concept that was so out there the build was so organic that by the time Delete or Decay was happening you couldn’t imagine anyone else but Decay feuding with the Hardy’s. Jeremy Borash played a big part in that as well. The camera angles and the music was again something that the fans weren’t used to seeing and they liked it a lot.

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