Rumor: Upcoming WWE Backlash PPV to Feature Both Raw & Smackdown Superstars?


PW has heard from multiple individuals this afternoon that the stars of both Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live will be competing at the upcoming WWE Backlash pay-per-view on May 6th, which will be the first major show after WrestleMania 34. A Reddit user by the name of /njdeatheater has also publicly claimed to have received an email from Ticketmaster, backing up what we’re referring to at this time as an unconfirmed rumor.

While this is purely speculation, the truth is probably somewhere in between “right” and “wrong” in this case. WWE Backlash is currently set to be a RAW brand exclusive event. But when the company does a roster Draft, or in the case of 2017 a “Superstar Shakeup”, they generally like to do them as close to WrestleMania as possible in order to kick off the “new year” of wrestling with a fresh start.

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Last year the Superstar Shakeup took place one week after WrestleMania, which more than two dozen names changing shows. Because some of the wrestlers that were drafted were in the middle of high profile programs they were allowed to compete at WWE Payback – a RAW brand exclusive show – despite being members of the Smackdown roster. This only applied to two matches on the card, and was by no means a “cross brand PPV”.

**Disclaimer: At this point the information in this article should be considered first and foremost a rumor. We can neither confirm nor deny anything at this point, although we have reached out to WWE for comment and will update you with more information as it becomes available.