Rumored Card for WWE’s Night of Champions PPV – 7 Matches


– Here’s the rumored card for WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view:

* Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title

* Rob Van Dam with Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title

* Big Show and Mark Henry vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the Tag Team Titles

* CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Title

* Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose for the United States Title

* One of the Total Divas vs. AJ Lee for the Divas Title

* The Usos vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

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  1. Why are reality show actresses being given a pay per view spot?

    Seriously I would think there are a lot of guys in that locker room that could use a pay per view match.

  2. wow really are they just stickinn ziggler anywhere.. back in the us title picture again… although i am looking forward to punk having a real ic title run

    also i know van dam is here to push younger talent but del rio is just a fall back champion and i would love to see rvd win the world title

    • no s***, I HATE the way wwe puts former world champs back into the mid card title picture…disgraceful… Makes the titles seem that more redundant. The only time that worked was when flair won the IC title. It was something he WANTED to win (as a story line but still), a goal. Not just dumping him there. How do they even pretend to rank wrestlers when they’re all over the map. Total nonsense. It’s like at mania when Mark Henry beat Ryback and then Ryback was in the title hunt? WTF so a loss at Mania means no 1 contender?? bahahahaha…. WWE is total crap nowadays. Christian holding the ic title after 2 WHC reigns? WTF? Miz (even though I HATE him and he NEVER deserved to be wwe champ) 2 time IC title win after wwe champ? wtf? Dolph being whc (well given the title) and then having to WORK his way up for SO long…stupid. The mid card titles have zero prestige anymore. The IC title USED to be the best one back in the day (mainly cuz the World title WAS hogan’s – but that was ok cuz the formula worked) and that still remained true for a lot of the AE era…

      • Putting the IC belt on someone like Punk, who can make a feud work with just about anyone is one of the best moves creative could do right now. Much like the Tag titles and the Us Titles, they are just being held for show by there current holders. I think Ambrose could have some great matches for the US Title if he wasn’t apart of The Shield. However The Shield comes before defending the titles. Putting the titles on Punk and Ziggler would be a smart move. If they did it right after they won though is a different story.

  3. Besides CM Punk I think Ryback, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro or Swagger, Langston, Gabriel, or McIntyre could make good intercontinental champions. If Punk doesnt win it from Axel I think those names i mentioned would make great Intercontinental champions.

  4. How about this? Punk and Ziggler team up to take the world titles from the Shield. Of course, they have major egos and will help create a monster feud with an eventual Ziggler heel turn.

  5. i think they bring back batista to knee down ortan and hhh
    come back on NOC
    little chance for goldberg
    no chance for undertaker
    no chance for kurt angle ( he is in rehab)
    MVP may be he will join NOC


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