Rumored Reason for Cesaro’s Name Change, More on Rey, NXT Arrival

– As noted, the WWE NXT Arrival pay-per-view will air on the WWE Network at 8pm EST on February 27th. Word is that it will be a two-hour event.

– Regarding Rey Mysterio possibly being injured at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, WWE’s internal injury report for this week came out and Rey was not listed on there. Either WWE officials don’t know if Rey is injured, it’s being kept off internal reports or the injury wasn’t significant.

– We noted before that it was a Vince McMahon decision to make changes to Big E and Cesaro’s name this past week. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer adds that somebody within WWE thought “Antonio” sounded like the name of a guy who wasn’t tough, and that’s why he’s just being called Cesaro now.

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  • TamosC

    Antonio doesn’t sound like the name of a tough guy..hmm I guess neither does Kurt, Randy, Billy or Brock. The man was getting on fine. I’m guessing foriegn names don’t sound tough

    • allan

      kurt and brock sound tough. but the truth is they could call they could call him fairy princess and there not a soul who wouldnt think hes still tough as hell still ,i dont like antonio but i dont like just cesero he needs a first name i mean hes not a diva lol

  • TamosC

    You take everything in context, Wanderlei or Tito don’t sound particularly tough but put the names next to the mugs of Silva and Ortiz and you have nightmares. They might as well say his face doesn’t look tough, why in the age if the internet when people can easily look up a person’s name would they feel the need to change it?