Rumors of Flair Finishing Up WWE-Sponsored Rehab, Superstars Matches

– WWE taped the following matches last night in St. Louis to air on this week’s Superstars:

* Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston

* Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Langston

– There are reports that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently finished up a stint in rehab, which is why he’s back to taking bookings now. The story goes that Flair has been telling people he was resting up in Florida with his daughter but that’s not the case as he was in rehab. Dave Meltzer of reports that WWE wanted Flair to go to rehab, he told his friends he didn’t go but that doesn’t mean he didn’t.

Backstage News on Damien Sandow Cashing In, Future Plans for Cody and Goldust…

  • Fast Eddie

    Flair is stylin and profile’in

    • Negatist

      He and Barry Weiss should hang together!

  • allan

    Flair doesn’t need rehab, rehab needs flair lol if so he should have gone 40 years ago, he’s old as hell now and is never gonna stop party in and hes in great shape for his age so I say rock it out till he dies. Woooooo

    • 123

      no he is not in great shape! he has a blood clot in his leg! witch could lead to death! and cut it out with that whoo crap!!

      • $77460704

        He’s got fatty liver from all that drinking, that’s why his hair has thinned pretty bad and got blood clots. Next stop – heart disease.

        • Jason Gaylor

          Vinnie, I’m pretty sure that you are not perfect. Most people DO acquire health problems for one reason or another and the older a person gets the more likely a health issue will occur. And again, Flair looks better than most men his age. Unlike some men who ARE completely bald by then, he still has a full head of hair(though thinning, true). And the blood clot is most likely due to heavy air travel over the years.

          • $77460704

            Don’t get upset, I was just making an impartial observation having heavily researched the subject these last few weeks. So much for knowledge sharing.

      • Jason Gaylor

        Regardless, he still looks physically better than most men his age. Oh, before I forget….Woooooooooooo!!!

  • Ralph Ramos

    Its time for guys like Flair and Michael Hayes to grow up and act their age and stop being a couple of sophomoric dorks.

    • Jason Gaylor

      If Flair had did that, he would have never been the “Nature Boy” either. I do agree that he needs to cut back on the drinking but he is who he is. If he hadn’t been that guy, we wouldn’t have been entertained by him for all those years. He is an extraordinarily talented, unique, larger than life individual. And THAT is certainly a rare commodity in this day and age. We should be both thankful and respecting of what this man has accomplished in his wonderful career. There are very few people who gave me more happiness and joy as a kid growing up. Flair is a national treasure.