RVD Answers Fan Question at RAW, Matt Striker’s New Job, HOH


– Here is video of the Doritos Jacked Fan Contest winner asking Rob Van Dam a question at RAW from Laredo:

– Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore 3 event will take place on Saturday, November 9th from the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. No talents besides Dreamer have been announced yet.

– Former WWE announcer Matt Striker has been announced as the new announcer for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He will debut at their August 11th TV tapings.

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    • Completely agree, next to JR, Striker was the best announcer they had. WWE dropped the ball letting him go….and he could wrestle! So many future storylines there….

      • Sadly, what I think happened was because Striker and JR didn’t get along and didn’t care for Striker’s announcing style, he got buried. Stryker’s very intelligent and had not only a way with words but expressions, too. I would’ve fired goofball Cole, personally.


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