RVD Comments on HHH’s Promo, Update on His Contract Status, Zeb


– Zeb Colter hyped tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings on Twitter:

“IN #WWEBirmingham FOR #Smackdown…hope to find those SNEAKY @WWELosMatadores SOMEPLACE. ??WHERE IS @WWEElTorito??”

– While Edge and Chris Jericho have responded to Triple H’s much talked about promo on last night’s RAW, Rob Van Dam says he missed it. A fan on Twitter asked RVD for comment and he replied:

“Missed it. Sounds strong.”

– On a related note, a WWE representative provided the following update to F4Wonline.com on RVD’s status:

“Rob Van Dam is currently not under a performance contract with WWE.”

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      • Yea too much of that “hemp” has really messed him up. He’s only still able to wrestle at a high level after years of nasty bumps and unprotected chairshots while making only a fraction of the money that wrestlers in other organizations made. You’re a moron.

        • Swagger, you’re the moron. It’s been proven that RVD is a pot fiend. Always has been. His mic skills are horrible and that’s one reason RVD will never be a top guy, and he pisses dirty because of the drugs.

          • he was WWE and ECW champion at the same time. He was already top guy. He can continue to smoke “the pot” until the day he dies. He will still be in better shape than anyone on the entire WWE roster. He holds a world record in weightlifting. Your pretty stupid.

            you might wanna smoke some pot.

          • Really? Not in this lifetime. I’d rather be competent. This is the problem with society… people dealing with their issues or whatever via the use of illegal substances. Not my thing. You think I’m stupid? Heh… because I’m not a pot fiend? Who sounds stupid now, asshole…?

          • every post you make pretending to know a shred about the subject makes you look stupid. You have clearly haven’t the slightest idea the nature of the substance so just keep your mouth shut about it to avoid further embarrassment. Its not 1950 people can just look it up retard. So take your complaints about the kids and their “drug cigarettes” to a place where the people are as dumb as you.

          • See, you’re a prime example of the big problem… people self-medicate with this s*** and think nothing’s wrong; it’s a sellout – for losers that have no idea about handling their dilemmas or just existing in life. This is why especially alcohol should be abolished and made illegal. People resort to substance abuse because they can’t cope. Kids today especially, in this generation are completely clueless, disrespectful, immature and only educated in technology for their own purposes. Now, hopefully this time I didn’t speak over your head, although I have a feeling you won’t comprehend the truth that I speak. Crawl into your little ball now, and go play like a good boy.

          • I’m a hell of a lot more intelligent than you are. Not sure why I wasted all these keystrokes on an imbecile like you, but this will be the last time.

          • … I can see you’ve replied to yourself saying your a lot more intelligent than you and you’ve wasted time on an imbecile… I rest my case.

          • get off my lawn!!!
            This is a new one. an old dumbass troll everyone is just waiting for to die so the world can be a better place…

            Not the usual 12 year old I guess…

          • You call this your lawn? As if this is some property you own… Impressive… I see nothing green about it, and yet everything you post is completely unkempt and out of commission… Snap out of your silly little day dreams and wake up to reality… the reality that clearly defines you as being nothing special… at all…

  1. I don’t know. I’m not the expert in that subject. But RVD’s promos are really bad, his wrestling ability is still amazingly great, and his run as the top guy was short. However, to me, his accomplishments are still more impressive than HHH’s because he didn’t marry the owner’s daughter to achieve them.

    • I’ll give you that, Ralph. No doubt. I respect RVD for his abilities, but not his recreational vices. HHH was dating a transvestite, then dumped (it/her/him) for the owner’s daughter… how sad…

      • I concur. I, too, am not a fan of drug abuse. I have never understood why people do it. You should get a high out of life, not drugs.
        As for HHH and his preferences in women, yes. China was a steroid freak. It is a shame how she went south fast after her stint in the WWE ended.

  2. so he’s a big time drug abuser cause he smokes weed?lmao…you people take this WAY too seriously….its not real….its fake….and its entertainment…well most of the time…just look at the diva booties and shut up lol


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