RVD Comments on WWE Return & SummerSlam’s Energy


Rob Vam Dam discussed what his WWE return has been like so far, during an interview with Marvel.com.

“It’s awesome,” RVD admitted. “I predicted that this return to WWE might be the most impactful part of my entire career. It has a lot to do with timing, and a lot to do with being RVD because I have so many years of experience. But it’s all positive. All the time I’ve spent. There’s no downside. I don’t have that a.g.e. factor that seems to affect a lot of other people. Honestly, my body feels as good as it ever did. Sometimes my back bothers a little bit, but it bothered me even more when I was 23. Sometimes my knee bothers me a little bit. It bothered me even more when I was 30. I feel great. And obviously it shows when I’m in the ring. And the fan response has been off the hook. And, by the way, my position in the company, considering the other wrestlers that are there, versus the wrestlers that were there before, again, works in my favor because all the other guys that were ahead of me that were getting all the attention, all the TV time, well they’ve dropped off, they’re outta the scene; a good time to be the whole damn show.”

RVD also talked about SummerSlam’s energy and what gets fans excited.

“Well a lot of it has to do with the amount of promotion put into it. I mean everybody knows that WrestleMania is compared to the Super Bowl of wrestling. They do a pay-per-view every month, and a lot of them don’t get so much attention. But they’re all getting bigger and bigger. They’re all growing every year as the fan base grows. SummerSlam is like the big party of the summer, and everybody looks forward to that now, just like they look forward to WrestleMania.”

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  1. all i want to see is great matches which hes given and which is why he came back im guessing, i dont care if he loses cause hes past that point in his career where he needs the win and beating rvd can help out the young guys just like jericho was doing. i dont like him fighting for the us title cause i believe hes above that title but i guess rvd isnt the best at feuding even though his mic skills are very underated so they got to stick him somewhere..really want to see punk and rvd but i guess thats not happening; or rvd vs lesnar they had some classic matches.


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