RVD Explains His Recent Actions in Impact Wrestling Return, ‘Old School Rules’ Match Announced


Rob Van Dam returned to Impact Wrestling this Tuesday night, for the first time since turning on his tag team partner and long-time rival, Rhino, at Bound for Glory.

While he promised to reveal the reason behind his recent change of attitude and shocking actions, the self-proclaimed “Whole F’n Show” spent most of his time making out with Katie Forbes, and complaining about modern day wrestlers stealing his moves.

Tommy Dreamer attempted to talk some sense into his friend, but Van Dam claimed that all the ECW reunions have done nothing but hold him back from moving on to the next stage of his career, and to the person he is now. He even joked about having his girlfriend and his “girlfriend’s girlfriend” to worry about now.

After the inevitable pull-apart brawl, it was officially announced that Rob Van Dam will face Rhino next week on Impact Wrestling, and the hardcore legend Tommy Dreamer will be the special guest referee. The bout will be contested under “Old School Rules”, which has the added effect of making every fan over the age of 30 feel about a million years old.