RVD Taking Time Off In October, Backstage News on His Current Contract


– Rob Van Dam is scheduled to exit the WWE storylines some time in October, either after the Battleground pay-per-view or after the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view.

Van Dam reportedly has 90 day blocks in his new contract where he will work for 90 days and then take some time off to rest before coming back to work another 90 days.

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Source: PWInsider


    • Damn Matt, I thought you just had it in for the Mexicans?? Wait…I just figured it out..Its cuz Ricardo is with him…Seriously tho, I wanna know why you think he’s bad for business…I’m intrigued

      • I think it’s funny that people think I have beef with Mexicans, also apparently if you don’t say Latino that’s when your labeled a racist. I know your just poking fun so it’s alright.

          • I’m sure your not, I think the 2 guys who said I was for saying Mexicans just had something against me. Ironically they called themselves Mexicans so it’s a mute issue

          • I wanna run an idea passed you, tell me what you think.’Would a TNA/ROH merger be the key for there to be solid competition with WWE, just from a television show aspect, not company

  1. It’s a shame this guy put his body through hell all those years and rarely got a taste of the big success.

    Granted when he did get a taste he screwed up by getting busted with pot. But others seem to screw up and bounce right back.

    • Couldn’t leave the Homie(Sabu) left to smoke alone…Loyal ? Yes. Stupid?Yes. But hey..at least he tasted it, even for a short time

    • hahahaha…has it been 3 months already?? Or are they just making it known? even still if thats the case he should Burn a Redwood since it looks like He’ll be off TV until the Rumble or a lil before.. But hey , He’ll celebrate 4:20 cuz according to this he’ll be off…assuming He’s still with them


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