RVD Talks About WWE Return & His Schedule

Rob Van Dam was interviewed recently by Arda Ocal about his return to World Wrestling Entertainment. RVD noted that his new schedule would likely resemble Chris Jericho’s, although it remains to be completely ironed out. He stated that they’re taking his schedule “baby steps at a time.” He also said that he’s hoping that this will be a successful run.

RVD said the reason that he hasn’t been with WWE over the past 6 or 7 years is because he didn’t want to be there with a full time schedule. He said that he left WWE because his contract expired and the schedule burnt him out.

Also during the interview, RVD discusses which opponents he’d like to face and other various topics. Emebedded in the video below is the interview in its entirely.

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  • Joey Stafford

    Right on & here’s to a successful run for RVD!