RVD Talks Move Set, D-Bryan Reacts To Brie/Stephanie Angle


— During a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph to promote WWE’s upcoming tour of Australia, Rob Van Dam said:

“Some of the moves you’ll be seeing from RVD’s list of originals, we’ll be seeing a Rolling Thunder for sure. We’ll probably see a split-legged moonsault like no one else does it, a Van Daminator if I can get a chair, but if things go right we’ll see a Five-star Frog Splash. It’s easy to explain because we’ve seen wrestlers jump on the top rope and then on their opponents on the mat. So basically RVD’s version is I jump higher than anyone else, I can hit my opponent no matter where they are in the ring, I can hit them from any corner I choose and I can even spin in the air to adjust. I can jump from any angle and spin around 180 degrees this way, 90 degrees that way so I can land upon them with all my weight of the gravity pulling me down, BAM, that’s how I usually win all my matches.”

— ​WWE posted the following video featuring Daniel Bryan reacting to the Brie Bella/Stephanie McMahon segment from Monday’s RAW broadcast:

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