Ryback Claims His Twitter Was “Hacked” Last Night


As reported earlier, Ryback went on a tweeting rampage yesterday, bragging about giving Ziggler a concussion, and thanking fans for making him rich. Ryback also noted that he was pulled over by a police car that thought his GPS was actually a cell phone. After some time, he then noted that he was released.

When Ryback wrote that he was released, he meant that in a way that the police car had let him go on about his business, not that the WWE had released him.

After fans on Twitter began responding to the release comment, Ryback wrote that his account was hacked and then deleted all the Tweets on it. Ryback is still with the company, and this was just a case of a heel being a heel.

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  1. He may have just been playing a heel, but it’s also possible his account was compromised. Not likely, but possible.

  2. He was probably hacked. I was, and I know that people will make you look like the biggest asshole for their own personal gain or satisfaction. Some d***head hacked me on my Facebook and had me writing that my old boss was an overbearing narrow minded asshole when, in fact, I never wrote or said those things about him. It pissed some friends off at first, until I explained that it wasn’t me and that I was hacked. I later learned that the same thing happened to my daughter, so its not uncommon.


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