Ryback Demands WWE’s Sponsors Stand Up Regarding WWE’S Working Conditions


Former WWE Superstar, Ryback has posted a lengthy message to WWE’s major sponsors, demanding they take a stand against the company.

The Big Guy posted a detailed message on Instagram, questioning whether Vince McMahon would change his ways in regards to how WWE treats its talents in-terms of health insurance, stating that it is something discussed in detail behind the scenes by the talent.

Ryback stated that he is more than happy to take on the negative criticism for pushing the message, adding that he is happy to never wrestle again if that’s what it takes to make a difference.

He stated that the only way to make a difference is to target WWE’s sponsors such as Snickers and Mattel, encouraging fans to challenge them in order to make an impact. He also stated that WWE has tried to legally threaten him over his social media and has attempted to block his podcast and nutrition business.

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Do you think Vince McMahon changes his ways and improves wrestling for the talent? They have gotten away with murder for far too long and talent can’t and won’t speak publicly on it, but it is 100 Percent discussed behind the scenes. The best thing you can do is question the sponsors to ask questions and look into the pay structure and working conditions for ALL talent. I am ok with the hate this brings onto myself because I know without a shadow of a doubt it’s the right thing to address and challenge for my friends and the future of wrestling. Yes I suck, I’m bitter/salty, irrelevant, and any other negative you want to add in. I’m also not going to stop until something is done about this and wrestlers have protection. I challenge former WWE talent to speak up on this and understand that it’s not about us, it’s about improving the future and fixing a broken system for the wrestlers whom have made WWE what it is today and the talent that will continue to do so. Please listen to the @conversationwiththebigguy podcast on the @iamjohnoliver video so you can understand my motivations for wanting to improve things. A portion of people have put @wwe on a pedestal and spew back with personal attacks when they are defending something that is absolutely ridiculous. If I never wrestle another day again in my life so be it, but I will not stop on this matter until progress is made. I have been fired while injured , forced to sacrifice millions of dollars for medical malpractice and then toyed with relentlessly watching pay get slashed and being further threatened when asking about payouts or lack thereof. We need to challenge the sponsors like @snickers @cricketwireless @mattel and others as to why they choose to work with a company that has no respect for human lives that have made the company what it is. They have tried to legally threaten me to hand over all my social media and tried to block my business ventures with @conversationwiththebigguy and @feedmemorenutrition but were unsuccessful. They tried to stop me from using Ryback when I created the name well before being with WWE and they have failed. #DoTheRightThing

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