Ryback Discusses His Goals, WWE on Success Of ‘The Call,’ More


– WWE Studios The Call held up well at the box office at #9. The movie took in $3.5 million to bring its total take to $45.5 million.

– Variety published an article with quotes from WWE Studios President Michael Luisi, who discusses the success of The Call. Here is an excerpt from the article.

“‘The Call’ has exceed our most optimistic forecasts,” Luisi said. “It’s a crowd pleaser and it tends to play consistently well with the core WWE fans but it’s going beyond the core fans. That’s great fo the WWE Studios brand.”

– Ryback discussed his goals during an interview with Metro.

“I wake up every morning feeling energized and excited and ready for new challenges,” Ryback said. “The Shield are the superstars I have in my sights right now but there’s no one in particular I’m looking to wrestle. Whoever is put in front of me — that’s who I focus on. I guess everyone’s goal is to become WWE champion, though.”

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