Ryback Discusses Rusev Potentially Signing With AEW, If They Can Surpass WWE’s Ratings


Former WWE Superstar, Ryback, recently spoke on his Conversation with the Big Guy about Rusev potentially signing with AEW in the future, and if the company can surpass WWE’s ratings.

With Rusev being released by WWE earlier this year, a lot of rumors have linked the former United States Champion with AEW. Ryback discussed the possibility of Rusev joining the company and why he thinks it would be a great idea.

“I can only imagine a guy like Rusev would have to be top priority on getting him into that system,” Ryback said. “I know Chris had mentioned that a Roman Reigns could thrive over there, which Roman would. Roman’s top notch and is a great worker. Rusev is [as well]. He’s got a character and a built-in brand. I think he’d give them a little boost specifically in the ratings.”

Ryback continued, “I think Chris talked about WCW and bringing in past guys, and I do think you have to be careful about that. But, I also think that era was different with how guys made money, guys not being hungry and guys getting older when coming in. I think looking at from a business point of view, you have to look at it from a case-by-case basis. You have to look at a brand and look at his following, and you go, ‘Can we benefit from this guy? Can he benefit from us? Is this a good pairing?’ It’s an individual performer thing. I don’t think it’s good to group anybody as a whole.”

Ryback admitted he loves what AEW is doing so far, and he thinks bringing a talent like Rusev into the company could potentially be a big difference-maker.

“I love what they’re doing,” Ryback remarked. “They would do nothing but benefit from adding the right people added into that roster as they continue to go along, and I think Rusev is going to be one of them. I really, really do. You bring a guy like Rusev that has millions of followers on social media and say you’re going to get a small percentage of that. Maybe you get 30,000 people that are watching that weren’t watching before. That’s 30,000 more people that are watching with that guy on TV.”

“Maybe it’s higher,” Ryback continued. “I don’t know, but you have to look at it like that where you can get new eyes and those new eyes will become fans of the guys who you have and become familiar with them. You just continue to build because I think AEW has the potential to surpass WWE in time in the ratings, on the RAW and SmackDown side of things. They’re just so early on, so we kind of just have to wait and see. But, they’re staying on top for the time being.”