Ryback Discusses Why He Thinks CM Punk Didn’t Sign With AEW


Former WWE Superstar, Ryback recently spoke with WrestlingInc.com where he talked about CM Punk and his decision to not sign with AEW.

Ryback on why he thinks CM Punk turned down AEW:

“CM Punk, this weird dynamic, who at one time didn’t want anything to do with pro wrestling is all of a sudden going in and talking about WWE. And like I said, I think it is a weird chess game going on where he is going to go there and shoot on stuff in a more negative way and call bulls**t when he sees it on things that he doesn’t like, and he is allowed to give his opinion on different things. And FOX is going to allow it, where it is going to create a situation where he is going to probably be able to go back and get the WrestleMania main event match that he always wanted. That is what I feel like is going on, and that is why I feel like he didn’t go to AEW,” said Ryback.

On how he doesn’t think CM Punk will return to a full-time WWE schedule:

“He wanted that WrestleMania main event and say ‘f**k everybody’ I am done for good. There is nothing else in this. There is no way, and once you are out of that bubble and once you are out there is no way you want to go back and work a full-time WWE schedule ever again,” said Ryback. “There is no way. I just can’t see it. I know that I don’t ever want to, ever. I know that I want to still wrestle, but I never want to go back to that culture ever again.