Ryback Gives Advice To Luke Harper


Former-WWE Superstar Ryback recently spoke about the situation regarding former-WWE Intercontinental Champion Luke Harper. Harper has asked for his release, but WWE has denied him his release and added time onto his contract to make up for Harper’s time injured.

Ryback was disappointed in WWE’s treatment of Harper, and offered some advice on how to get his release granted.

Transcriptions by Erich Pilcher at Wrestling INC.

It’s just disappointing when they do that to a performer. Whether or not they are going to leave him at home, which they are probably going to do. Because chances are once you speak out like that, that is what they were going to do. My best piece of advice (to Luke) is speaking out about the company, he would get released quickly if he did that.

Ryback went on to say that Harper will likely collect his downside guarantee, and be kept off TV and pay per view.

They have done this routinely with guys, they did it with me. I tried to work out some issues with WWE. I was hurt, and I knew I was hurt. I was telling the doctors, but they just keep you going week to week. Trying to reach out because I wanted my contract to expire and I wanted to do other things. I was told by Mark Cerrano, ‘You don’t want to do that. We are going to job you out, pull you off the TV and then fire you.’ They do that to lower your value in the fan’s eyes first, they pull you off the TV, so people forget about you and then when they fire you, you look like you were not good enough in the fan’s eyes. They have done this time and time again. Probably with Harper, I wouldn’t be surprised if a week or two prior to his contract expiring, they fire him. Just to say they fired him.