Ryback In Line for a Push, Cena Insists on Facing Bryan, Taker-Lesnar


– Ryback is in line for a major push coming out of his current bullying gimmick. Those who work in WWE merchandising have been told to go heavy on coming up with ideas for him. Usually when they get that word it means not just a big push but a babyface turn.

– WWE apparently changed the planned finish to the CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar SummerSlam match in the middle of last week. This could be because The Undertaker has agreed to work Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX and if that’s going to be one of the main events, Lesnar had no business losing at SummerSlam and going into WrestleMania with a 2-3 record.

– As seen on RAW, John Cena mentioned that he was advised to skip SummerSlam and cancel the Daniel Bryan match because of his elbow injury. Cena was telling the truth there. He insisted on doing the match and putting Bryan over before taking time off to have surgery. Cena’s rehab will be part of the storylines on several new episodes of WWE Total Divas.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Ryback going back to face after all his doing maybe he likes being in the make a wish Ryback needs a manager an i believe Zeb (Dirty Dutch)Colter is perfect for him, hey maybe Flair look wat he gave Gunner in TNa ohhh paring those two together that will be my dream team Team Intensity.

    • flair would be good but only if they were heels but i think ryback should be face cause hes the first guy to go heel and people thinks he sucks even more lol

      • sure are right on that maybe they got something here stealing a line from TNA Ryback the Bully like Bully Ray everybody love him when he was working as a face with Brook but still Flair can do wonders if the let him work with WWE but give him some body that can round up his talent an old timer hey maybe even Stone cold or mike ratanda

  2. First off the whole Ryback (Goldberg) gimmick sucks, Second It’s funny how WWE has Lesnar lose to Cena and then win against HHH and Punk. I guess Cena is the real Beast in WWE. LOL, sad

  3. Daniel Bryan, Ryback Vs Randy Orton, Triple H. Good old vinny interferes and tells referee to ring the bell, triple h pedigrees Bryan and randy rkos Ryback while they’re distracted by McMahon

  4. cena is the only guy in the history of wrestling for the company to love to push but he would rather see others pushed ,if he wanted he could bury daniel, hes a great guy to bad hes a horrible wrestler

  5. Here’s an interesting twist: try making Ryback face without ending the bully gimmick. A face putting random people through tables would be hilarious. Especially in the PG era. 😉


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