Ryback On Certain WWE Employees Not Being Tested – “It’s Bulls–t And Everybody Knows It”


– Former WWE Superstar Ryback was a recent guest on Busted Open to talk about a wide variety of topics including his thoughts on WWE’s Wellness Policy.

Here is the following highlight:

“The WWE’s Wellness Policy is great. I and everybody that is a full-time wrestler there, we were tested relentlessly. And I love it and I encourage it because I know who and what I am and all the other performers there play by the rules and we all play on the same level playing field. I will say, because I heard them say, ‘because Brock Lesnar’s not a full-time employee, he’s not required to be tested by the WWE Wellness Policy.’ That is absolute f–king bulls–t. And Goldberg coming in, I don’t care if he’s a part-time employee or not an employee, anybody that steps foot in a WWE ring, whether it’s once a year or 300 days a year, should be f–king tested.

WWE, Mark Carrano, Triple H, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Kevin Dunn, the entire Board of Executives f–king know that’s the case and should be true, so it is bulls–t from a performer’s standpoint that, like, I played by the rules, all these other full-time employees play by the rules, they should make sure that anybody that comes in there, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, part-time employee or not, they are all tested the exact same [way]and those results are made public. That should be a standard that people that invest in the company, from a shareholder perspective, they should bring those questions to Vince when they have those meetings because the fact that they came out and said that about Brock, ‘oh, we don’t test him because he’s a part-time employee’ is bulls–t and everybody knows it.”

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