Ryback Ready for Chicago RAW, Goldberg on Boos for Batista, NXT-Hulu


– WWE has added this week’s episode of NXT on Hulu but it’s not the episode with Bayley vs. Sasha Banks, CJ Parker vs. Colin Cassady and Mason Ryan vs. Bo Dallas. Instead, they aired the “This Is NXT” special that has been airing on the WWE Network.

– A fan on Twitter asked Bill Goldberg what he thought of Batista being booed by the WWE fans since returning. Goldberg replied:

“I feel for him. Hopefully he’ll get things turned around.”

– Ryback tweeted the following about Monday’s RAW from Chicago:

“Cannot wait for Raw in Chicago big homecoming for The Best Big Guy In The World! Oh wait Chicago sucks Outlaws > Bears #HeHateMe”

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  1. It is WWE’s fault for the Booing. Why Randy Orton vs Batista at WM30. That is dumb. People want Bryan. It’s gonna die down soon. WWE dropped the ball, Again!

    • They really f***ed up the whole Ryback thing, the worst part is that they still haven’t turned him back, it just makes no sense to me at all. Wrestlemanie this year is a complete joke. There is 0 build up for any of these matches. This main event is seriously going to get bood out of the building and the Undertaker Lesnar match it going to be a complete botch fest, mark my words on that one.

    • You guys are both right on this here. If Bill Goldberg isn’t coming in to earn some Charity money (only reason he says he’ll wrestle) then fine, get Ryback back over with fans. They also waste Joe Hennig with a name that sounds like Bob and Crash Holly’s lost mechanic, Curtis Axel. Just call him Joe the Axe Hennig and let that be something for the whole family. We know what Hennig means. Batista’s problem is over selling, he’s been on his back for most of his few matches, then gets in a spinebuster and Batista bomb pin. Sux.

      • im so sick of that s*** you can call him whatever name you want it doesnt matter…i agree thats a better name but it wont do a thing for him,truth is without perfects gimmic even with it he was never a main eventer


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