Ryback Talks His Issues With CM Punk, Potential AEW Interest, Idea Of A Union, More


Former WWE Superstar, Ryback recently took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything, where he answered a variety of questions on his WWE run and his future.

His issues with CM Punk:

“He has personal issues with me because his bullshit didn’t work with me. Karma dealt with him already. You would hear more stories of me hurting people if that were the case, but it simply isn’t. His steroid allegations are out of pure jealousy. The guy has shit genetics and can’t even get abs cutting weight with mma training. Our history is in the past and I wish him all the best out of wrestling, but his remarks were done purposely from other personal occurrences.”

Potential AEW interest:

“Once I’m healthy I will speak to Cody if I feel I can contribute in a meaningful way. They are going to do very well over time I believe. They have an opportunity to do wrestling the way it always should have been done.”

A possible wrestlers union:

“A union would protect the wrestlers from a man who uses their bodies to earn billions. There are no downsides to this and something needs to be done. They get away with murder there, and it’s beyond unfortunate the talent as a whole get treated how they do.”

His WrestleMania match with Mark Henry:

“That was done to again damage my character. Me winning would have helped, that was all done by design and nothing I could do. I like Mark a lot, he is a good human and a freak of nature.”

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