Ryback Visits Mall, Accountability Crib Joins Foley, WWE Stars at Health Event


– WWE posted the following footage of Ryback visiting the Oberoi Mall in Mumbai, where 10,000-plus screaming fans showed up for a glimpse of the WWE Superstar.

– DDP, Scott Hall and Jake Roberts recently joined Mick Foley on stage during one of his standup comedy shows. Hall shared the following photo of them together on Twitter:

Accountability Crib Crew Joins Foley on Stage

– Darren Young commented on Prime Time Players and Natayla’s appearance earlier this morning at the Susan G. Komen Community Health event, writing on Twitter, “Busy day & it starts by participating in the @wwe Susan G. Komen Community Health Event. #wwebiloxi #RiseAboveCancer”

Prime Time Players and Natalya at Charity Event

PG Era Kid Comments on Goldberg….


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