Sam Adonis Banned From A UK Independent Promotion, Defiant Wrestling Reveals New Match, Joseph Conners Note


Independent wrestler, Sam Adonis has been banned from a top UK promotion after a very controversial statement at a recent show.

Adonis worked for Revolution Pro this past weekend and had a promo in the ring with Chris Ridgeway, and Kurtis Chapman. During that promo, Adonis made a homophobic slur that saw fans chant “go-away” and “disgusting” to him and this has seen him banned from the company moving forward.

Revolution Pro released the following statement:

Defiant Wrestling Announces New Match

Defiant Wrestling has announced that Ringmaster tournament winner, Bad Bones, will go one-on-one with British wrestling legend Doug Williams at its next show.

Joseph Conners Hypes NXT UK

NXT UK star Joseph Conners has been hyping the WWE show, telling fans to keep an eye on NXT UK and what he will be doing for the company.

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