Sam Roberts Reveals If He Was Fed Comments About Bianca Belair


WWE broadcaster and popular podcast host, Sam Roberts has given some more insight into his recent comments about Bianca Belair during the NXT Takeover Phoenix pre-show.

Roberts took many by surprise during the pre-show panel when he unloaded when discussing Belair’s match with Shayna Baszler, claiming that she isn’t good enough to be on a Takeover card. A lot of speculation came out of the comments, with many questioning if he was being fed those lines in his ear, but Roberts shot down that idea stating the following:

“On Saturday night, I was not fed an opinion in my ear, I certainly will not be apologizing to Bianca Belair because my opinion is my opinion,” Roberts added. He continued by stating that not everyone was thrilled with his comments but noted that “we’ll see how things go as we move forward.”

WWE did make a situation out of the comments by posting a video to its YouTube channel with Belair responding to Sam’s comments, so it will be interesting to see how it is dealt with moving forward.

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