Sami Callihan On Ruining Eddie Edwards’ Career, Listen to Impact Call w/Tommy Dreamer, Slammiversary Preview (Video)


Impact Wrestling has released the above video, featuring the complete Impact media call from today with special guest Tommy Dreamer.

In related news, Impact has also released the following video preview for Dreamer vs Eddie Edwards at Slammivesary this weekend:

Eddie Edwards takes on his former friend Tommy Dreamer in a brutal House of Hardcore Rules match THIS SUNDAY at SLAMMIVERSARY XVI!

Sami Callihan On Ruining Eddie Edwards’ Career

Impact star Sami Callihan recently spoke with Sportskeeda, and below is what Callihan had to say on the status of his feud with Eddie Edwards:

“Oh, I feel that rivalry is over because I won. It’s not always about who gets the three count or the submission. I did exactly what I wanted to do to Eddie Edwards and I ruined his life. That is the difference between others and me; I will try to ruin their lives and ruin their careers.

“Look what happened to Eddie, who’s the winner and who’s the loser? Eddie is doing his own thing with Tommy Dreamer now and I’m on to bigger and better things, and the best thing ever to happen to Eddie was me hitting him with a baseball bat in the face.”