Sammy Guevara Uploads Apology Video To His YouTube Channel


After AEW made the decision so suspend Sammy Guevara without pay, the Inner Circle member has uploaded an apology to his YouTube channel.

Comments Guevara made back in 2016 recently resurfaced online where he made inappropriate jokes about WWE Superstar Sasha Banks. Guevara did address the situation on social media, apologising to Sasha, who also put out a statement stating she had spoken privately with the AEW star.

However, he has now released a further public apology via his YouTube channel, revealing that his vlogs will be taking a break for now while he undergoes sensitivity training to improve himself.

Sammy said: “I just wanted to get on here real quick and just say there’s gonna be no vlog today and there’s gonna be no vlog for a while. I’m gonna take a hiatus from social media in general. I just want to apologise to anyone I let down, to Sasha, to anybody I hurt with my words. It just sucks because 2016 me is not me today. 2020 me would never say those kind of hurtful things that I did in 2016.

“I used to think it was funny to do some kind of shock humour to pop the room I’m in but… I thought it would be funny, man, to do that kind of humour, this shock humour, and it’s not I learned along the way. A lot has happened in four years of my life. I know a lot of people think four years is not that much time but if you look at how much has happened to me in my life from wrestling in the middle of nowhere in Texas to wrestling all around the world, to wrestling in different countries, to wrestling on TV for AEW. So much has happened to me in four years and one of the things that’s happened is me growing as a person.

“I understand now the words I say can impact people more than I’ll ever understand. They can hurt people more than I’ll ever realise, and that’s why you will not catch me saying these kind of hurtful things now in 2020. 2016 me is a very different me, and that’s not an excuse, I still said those things and I’ll pay for those things, but that’s not me. I think along these four years more than anything I feel like what I’ve done is I’ve grown as a person and I’ve become better.

“And just know whenever I do come back, I will be better. I’m gonna do sensitivity training and I’m gonna be a better version of myself. And so again, sorry for anybody I let down and to Sasha and to anybody I hurt. I will be back. Until then, take it easy, I’ll see you when I see you.'” (H/T to for the transcriptions.)