Samoa Joe On ROH & NJPW Selling Out MSG, Why Smackdown’s Move to FOX Will Have a ‘Massive Impact’


WWE Smackdown Live star Samoa Joe recently spoke with TV Insider and below are some interview highlights:

On Ring of Honor and NJPW selling out MSG:

“I feel like the more buzz and competition that is out there creates a better marketplace for everybody. I’m excited, especially for the people involved. I still know a lot of guys in the office for a good amount of years. They work tirelessly. It’s good to see them thrive and doing well.”

On Smackdown Live moving to FOX:

“The move will have a massive impact. Something that is missing from the primetime, mainstream lineup is something that is live. To have SmackDown Live on Fox is a big opportunity for WWE and a lot of the superstars. It’s a big introduction back into a large portion of mainstream America. I’m looking forward to it.”

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