Samoa Joe Talks About TNA Rumors, Being in the Main Event, More


Samoa Joe was recently interviewed by UK’s Mirror Newspaper. Here are some highlights:

On rumors of troubles within TNA: “I honestly think it’s being blown out of a proportion … I think I’m beyond just sitting here and knocking people for what they do, but I mean, I see the company doing well.

“I think it’s growing … I would love the company to build, and tear up those preconceptions so we can be seen in a better light … You can sit here, speculate all you want, or you can get something done and make a difference.”

On being back in the main event picture: “I mean, the recognition, getting recognized for what you can do in the ring, is definitely awesome. But I mean, as far as being an accomplishment — I’ve been ready, whenever they need me to step into this position. I’m just obviously looking forward to continuing to pushing on.”

On the recent changes in TNA: “Different in the sense that a young talent are getting more of a chance now. That’s not just to do with AJ, but there’s a lot of things within TNA that have changed.”

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