Sasha Banks Praises Bayley’s Heel Turn, Her Current Role In The Company


Sasha Banks was a recent guest on the WWE After The Bell podcast where she discussed returning to WWE and how much she enjoyed Bayley’s heel turn.

“Legit, the best,” she said about Bayley. “When I came back, I came back really refreshed and wanting to have fun this time around. It’s the best feeling in the world to do something and standing next to someone you really love and loves the same thing you do. We’ve seen Bayley the hugger for so many years and I really loved when she turned. I could feel that reaction from the fans like, ‘No way, did that really just happen?'”

The Legit Boss also spoke about returning to WWE in general after her hiatus, admitting that it was all down to just wanting to have more fun.

She continued, “I have a good time [playing heel or babyface]but this right now is a little more fun because we haven’t been able to do this, like this. I hope we get to do it again, if not as good guys, then the role models and leaders that you see today.”

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