Scott Hall Praises Triple H for His Role as WWE Executive


Wade Keller of PWTorch spoke exclusively to Scott Hall on the career of Triple H and his role as WWE Executive. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

“I noticed something special about him the first time I saw him. Just the way he carries himself and his personality … Here’s a guy from a really stable family. Paul’s parents are still together, and I think that impacted the way he grew up because he is a real level-headed guy … so as far as the guy I would want to run the company, he would be the guy.”

“He’s a great representative of the company when he goes out in public, he’s dedicated, and he’s a guy who doesn’t drink or do drugs, and never has. I think he can easily mix in a boardroom with a bunch of lawyers and accountants and he’s not out of his element. He’s an educated, healthy guy, whereas in that kind of environment I would be looking out the window scratching my head [laughs]. Would I want to be part of the Creative process? Yeah. But, do I want to sit in a meeting with guys when they’re talking about merchandising, contracts, and licensing? Hell no.”

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  1. He comes in for HOF next year, someone tries to rough him and jake and DDP up and his son Cody Hall hits the ring and devastates whoever it is. Seriously, Cody is AWESOME.


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