Scott Hall Reacts to TNA’s Lackluster Bound For Glory Attendance

Scott Hall weighed in on the lackluster turnout at TNA’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view event with the following message on Twitter:

Bound for Glory Arena Shot

A sad state of affairs….#TNA

Despite the company’s ills, he feels that former New World Order cohorts Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are not to blame. In response to a fan saying it’s their fault, Hall wrote, “The history is that [Bischoff] and Hulk left alone, draw money. They never had the control needed to pop that company in my opinion..”

In response to whether WWE head Vince McMahon will ultimately buy the company out, Hall wrote, “Nothing to buy….” In his opinion, that includes talent. Hall wrote to a fan, “Name three people WWE would want…”

Hall added that he he has no interest in returning to the company.

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  • allan

    Ah OK ripping on TNA is fine whatever its run by fat cats but think TNA has no talent is insane and a lot of those men are way more talented then hall and I like him but wow balls, if wwe not interested in those guy its cause they have turned down wwe so many times. What a douche

  • Rich Francis

    I tend to agree they are the baby company. When they Thought it was a good Idea to go to 4 sides instead of 6 sides was a big deal. When they started neglecting there Tag team and X Division that really hurt. They did record number when they didn’t have Cliq’s and then Angle, Poppa pump, Gunther amongst others in a unit. Who cares about that maybe in the WCW vs. WWE days. Now they Have to Rebuild a company that is in tears they have 9 good wrestlers top and real knockout Gail Kim. WWE really doesn’t want the company they can get there own X division if they really wanted too. But I think they would bring a cruiserweight title before they would bring in a title like the X. I don’t think WWE even tried to buy them they know they need each other.

    • Rene Ramirez

      Logic they do need each other

  • TamosC

    As a wrestling company you need to stand alone, push your own ideas and stand and fall by them, but at least you’re pushing your own product and not just being a clone. ECW and Paul Heyman understood this and ran with it. They were small but they were mighty, although not competing with the WWE head to head but they had an absolute loyal following, some of whom still swear by them today, that is how strong the love was. I watch TNA here and their but really not interested in any of the story lines, The Aces story line, it defied logic, they’re beating up people randomly and very badly, so you’d think anyone’s a target..and yet, people are going about their own little feuds like nothing is happening, you’d think ok I might be next so let me deal with this..or us as an organisation deal with it..instead what do you get? Another gang, but they wear suits and sunglasses! Dixie’s current role.. Vince has already done that, HHH and Steph are doing it now.

    I disagree with Hall in that WWE would absolutely love a Samoa Joe or AJ Styles, heck even Hardy, these are colourful characters, I find the WWE midcarders fairly boring, but there’s no point going to the WWE if your character is going to be watered down or worse held hostage to the whim of backstage agents who might dislike you and throw you into purgatory. At least in TNA, they get their chance to shine, stronger writing and they really could become a viable second option.

    • Brock Lesnar Fan

      ECW was not mighty. If you read Meltzer at all he covered extensively that the company was all smoke and mirrors on attendance. Paul Heyman papered the building heavily by giving free tickets out so it looked packed on TV. The company was bleeding money bad and never made a dime. No doubt the fans there in attendance were rabbid and it was some of the hottest TV to watch. But that did not any any way shape or form translate into a successful company making money.

      • TamosC

        You misunderstand, I don’t mean mighty as in size or stature, yes ECW could have had 100 people in that bingo hall, and yes they may have given out free tickets, I don’t even know what they were making in gate receipts but I tell you what, I was in Canada at the time, and I wanted to know everything about that promotion, you have to remember this was at the start of the sort of digital info era, as in this website as it was then, was posting weekly updates on the shows, videos were being put out. They were and I repeat, a viable watching alternate to the WWE, something in a way WCW only reached (in terms of watchablity) at the height of the NWO angle. In fact one might argue the whole attitude era was in direct response to the ECW because Vince saw something there and he ran with it. I was speaking in terms of what TNA is putting out, they have the wrestlers, they just need the story lines to showcase these wrestlers and at least make the shows enjoyable.

    • Rene Ramirez


  • Mike Arienti

    Three? I can name a lot more than that…
    1. Jeff Hardy – He’s clean and sober now.
    2. Kurt Angle – Ditto.
    3. Sting – He’s older now, but Vince has always wanted to sign him.
    4. Bobby Roode – TNA is ruining their longest-reigning champ.
    5. AJ Styles – They released him after they bought WCW but it won’t happen again.
    6. Rob Terry – He was in developmental a few yrs back and he’s not as green now.
    7. Bully Ray – With or without Devon, he’s proving he can be the focus of a show.
    8 & 9. Bad Influence – These two scream charisma but TNA often leaves them off the show or throws them into comedic skits.

    • Steve Pereira

      So either washed up old stars or no namers who are mediocre at best

      • Jeff Rittenour

        hahahahaha – TNA = totally nothing ‘athletes’ LMAO

    • Rich Francis

      Lets start with the First
      1 Jeff Hardy Clean and Sober good but how often is he being tested! And that I am sorry I will come back and be better I heard it before from him no go. Plus he left WWE why would WWE want him back what does he bring that the future NXT wrestlers don’t?
      2. Kurt Angle Maybe for one match maybe two but they are more interested in retiring him and making him a GM and putting him in a good Hall Fame.
      3 Sting Yes they want him and that is for 3 or 4 matches unlike before when he was with WCW when he could have had 3 or four year deal. They want the Undertaker match, HHH match, And somehow WWE would give there soul to get HBK to wrestle Sting. and then endorse the product that’s it for sting.
      4 Bobby Roode I still Have to say no I think he is great and he may be the longest reigning title holder blah blah blah. WWE counter part is Dolph Ziggler. Now if your talking putting him and James Storm together you have a believer out of me.
      5 AJ Styles Totally agree I think he is worth every penny.
      Reminds me a lot like JJ.
      6 Rob Terry No that is why they call it green. I would have choosen a wrestler like Austin Aries, Samoa Joe , or Magnus. Not Terry he is like a dumber worse Ryback,
      7Bully Ray No not even without Devon. Started a dumb group and that is such a joke now.
      8and9 I would have put them higher up they are great. Bad Influence is probably one of the best tag teams and how Daniels messed with Kaz to make them join forces they would be a great team in the WWE.
      I actually like you list

  • Murlin Richard

    that fool wearin a “g-unit” shirt above all else, LMAO, wow chico really??, sumbody done slipped back in 2008 again

    • themans

      that picture IS from at least 2008…

  • Fast Eddie

    You want a sad state of affair.. See Scott Hall. Washed up hag, He made bad, very bad choices. Now he’s ripping TNA. 3,000 is not bad at all.

  • themans

    Don’t act as if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Him and a couple others are the only reason TNA ever got any ratings. Remember that January 4th show? Scott Hall and Sean Waltman along with many others came to the company and the ratings boost was so signifigant thats when they tried to go to Monday nights to try to start the Monday Night wars again.

    Basically my point is he’s right… Its easy to name maybe 1 or 2 guys the WWE “MIGHT” want… but three? Obviously you don’t understand Vince Mcmahons childish mentality if you think he would want 99% percent of these guys… if he did, they would be in WWE and not TNA… DUH.