Scott Hall Recovery Update, This Week’s WWE Inbox, Fandango’s Theme


– Embedded in the video below is this week’s episode of WWE Inbox. WWE Superstars discuss which star has the hardest name to pronounce.

– Scott Hall provided an update on his recovery from surgery earlier this morning, writing on Twitter, “Good morning Twitter World Order. I’m coming to you from Kennestone Hospital/ Atlanta. Recovering ahead of schedule.Hospital egg whites”

“Dr.Kim my surgeon just checked me out, I walked up and down the hallway with a walker. May cut me loose this eve”

– Fandango’s theme song is ranked #33 on the UK iTunes charts. In just a couple of days it has went from nowhere to the top 40.

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  1. You click on the thing that says video but when I went it showed more than one video screen so I got out without clicking either.


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