Scott Hall Takes a Shot at Goldberg


There apparently seems to be no love lost between Scott Hall and Goldberg. This morning on Twitter, a fan wrote to Scott Hall, “Goldberg! Goldberg! What does that remind you of @scotthallnwo.” He responded with the following:

Goldberg!goldberg! What does that remind you off @scotthallnwo

[email protected] @SCOTTHALLNWO

His slight is in reference to Goldberg having a reputation within the professional wrestling industry of taking his character too seriously.

In the past, Goldberg has labeled Hall as “unprofessional” and blamed him for a near career-ending injury at a December 1999 WCW event where he smashed the windows of a limousine with his bare hands. He lost a large amount of blood due to this and came within one centimeter of having to have an arm amputated.

“I should’ve killed him but I didn’t,” Goldberg told Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier in a 2001 interview discussing the incident. “Scott Hall is very unprofessional and he often breaks character and does things I don’t agree with. I try to be professional and set a positive example, but unfortunately he doesn’t share the same views. Vince Russo couldn’t control him and we had an issue, and instead of being unprofessional and making him pay, I took my frustrations out on that limousine.”

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  1. it bothers Scott Hall when people are marks for themselves because Scott always went out of his way to put people over including even when it wasn’t even in the script or supposed to happen (specifically against Jericho one time in WCW)

    • No one is saying he isn’t nice; in fact I’ll go out on a limb and say of all of those top DX guys he was by far the nicest. He just wasn’t very responsible at times. You have to understand he’s sick. People don’t understand illness. They understand crazy, lazy and being slow but they don’t understand mental disease. Hall is an addict. He wouldn’t hurt a soul if he could help it and he’s done more damage to himself than to anyone but he still has hurt people.

  2. Poor Scott Hall looks terrible, I remember the time he was really drunk at a Nitro live show where they had this great idea to throw a beach type party. He was stumbling around the pool when he met with an unexpected occurrence. (He stumbled and fell into the pool and they showed him swimming back to the other end.) Unfortunately; it drew the attention of the cameraman long enough to see it but not long enough before they signaled him to stop showing Scott. I like Bill and Scott and I’m sad to see they don’t like each other but I can understand. They aren’t like one another.

    • I sincerely hope you understand that was part of the storyline… I really do… And why are you saying he looks terrible… he looks great. He’s over 50. Stop looking at the photo they chose from 6 years ago.

      • Just because he’s over 50 doesn’t mean he has to look like he’s sick. Sting is a year and 7 months younger and he looks great. Scott looks like he has lived a hard life. It really wasn’t part of a story line. When it first happened they said that he was drunk and fell in the pool.That was when pwi really told on people.

        • What the hell is wrong with you people… Its not helpful to bring this stuff up when he’s like 6 months sober. He looks fine.

        • Sting looks great, funny I though he had a gut and was balding… And could barely wrestle anymore… Must be another sting….

    • He doesn’t look terrible he looks great wtf are you talking about he use to look like s*** and drink a lot. Way to root for him you all judge a 50 plus year old man who could whoop you

      • I’m not trying to make things worse. I can only go by what I see and that picture is what I see. Someone told me it was old and I say I’m sorry if that’s true. Don’t blame me for looking at that picture and thinking he looks bad.

  3. haha, goldberg trying to play it off. He was supposed to use a bat to smash the windows and tried to act cool and tried to use his arm. He almost had to have the arm amputated… Nice try Goldberg, you almost lost your arm because your pathetically stupid, not “because of Scott Hall”… are you 8 years old?

  4. So Goldberg got angry, smashed a limousine window and blames Scott Hall because…why? Goldberg’s the idiot who smashed the window, had he controlled his temper, that wouldn’t have happened.

    • hahaha – what a tool Goldberg is. He shelved himself and THUS the main plans for the company in regards to the title picture (by gunning through the nWo on his way back to Hogan) and it’s Scott Hall’s fault….hahahahaha

  5. You know what, In fact he looks GREAT. If I look that close to how I did in my 20s when I’m that age I’ll be happy. I’m just wondering what It says about you people that when someone is 6 months sober and looking great, you still for some strange reason want them to be fat and in trouble. Well he isn’t…. He’s doing very well and you should take a look at yourself why you can’t acknowledge what he’s currently doing. (which is very positive, helping his son out and all)

  6. You people seem to make up a lot of s*** about two people you don’t even know. Whether or not Scott Hall broke character doesn’t mean he’s responsible for Goldberg doing something stupid to Limousine windows. How can Goldberg Blame him when he’s got full control over his own two hands…….it wasn’t Scott Hall punching the window with Goldbergs hands. Scott Hall is a Legend from his WWF days and Goldbergs all but two year run in WCW and lame run in WWE does not even make him an equal. Goldberg got pushed far too quickly and believed his own hype. How can he be a good role model for children if in interviews he says dumb s*** like ‘I should have killed the him but I didn’t’ ? He’s a two faced boob.

  7. Goldberg should work less on his character and more on his horrible wrestling the s*** that ended a true wrestlers career Bret hart


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