SD To Thursday Update + KENTA’s Company Signs With WWE

— PARCO stores, which is KENTA’s endorsement company, has signed a deal to produce and sell t-shirts and merchandise for WWE. They will be making products based on past stars such as the nWo, Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage. The deal begins on September 1st.

— As noted recently, WWE is rumored to be moving SmackDown to Thursday nights in the near future. The rumors spread when WWE production trucks at a television taping had graphics that listed SmackDown as airing Thursday nights on SyFy.

As of now, neither WWE or SyFy have officially confirmed the rumors. WWE has acknowledged the possibility of a move, but had yet to confirm it.

Today, SyFy released their upcoming programming guide, which lists WWE SmackDown as airing on Thursday nights beginning on October 2nd.

Check out the SyFy listing at

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