Sean Waltman Assesses WWE UK Title Show, Praises Joe Coffey, Cedric Alexander Teases Mysterio Match


During last night’s WWE UK Championship sho, WWE legend Sean Waltman (a.k.ak X-Pac) gave some of his thoughts on what he was watching.

X-Pac noticed something that many fans likely missed, noting that he saw many wrestlers trying to adjust to the ring during the tournament. X-Pac stated that British rings tend to be much smaller, so the wrestlers were trying to get to grips with the bigger size.

As well as that he praised one performer in particular, stating that he wishes Joe Coffey had gone further in the tournament, clearly being a fan of the Scotsman who was eliminated by Travis Banks in the Semi-Final.

 Cedric Alexander Teases Rey Mysterio Match

Following the announcement that Rey Mysterio will be the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K19, current Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander commented on Twitter, teasing a potential match between them both in the future.