Konnan Reveals Lucha Underground’s Low Money Offer to Young Bucks, X-Pac On Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega Match


Pro Wrestler and LAX manager, Konnan is the special guest on the recent edition of the “X-Pac12360” show, and during the show Konnan talks about current diversity in Lucha Libre.

Below are some show highlights:

Konnan Talks About Locker Room Life and the Difference Between the Women and Men:

“This is a true story, I am not a misogynist or anything like that, but if you have 50 guys in a dressing room and 5 girls, those 5 girls are a way bigger headache than those 50 guys.  You have no idea what we have to work with. It just very difficult,  because there is a lot of jealousy between women, you don’t see between guys. Add to that, that now a lot of those guys are dating the girls and if there is a problem they take it to the dressing room, or maybe one guy was messing with your girl and now you got the two wrestlers and the girl. So many things pop-off in the locker room.”

Konnan Talks About Lucha Underground’s Low Offer to the Young Bucks:

“The reason I went to PWG the first time was because I took Dorian Roldan from AAA and Chris Joseph , who was the writer for Lucha Underground, cause originally I was supposed to write the show with Chris. And so, I was like, ‘ Bro, you need to go to PWG and I am going to show you some guys you’re going to love.’ So you know I recommended  Kevin Steen, The Young Bucks, Ricochet, Brian Cage, Willie Mack. They were like ‘Oh, the Young Bucks, they should get new gear…’ I’m like ‘No, they’re making fun of it, that’s the gimmick.’ I convinced the Young Bucks to call Lucha Underground because I could get them a contract and I was going to put them in a trio with John Morrison cause they’re all from LA. And bro, they offered them $200 each. They [Young Bucks] were pissed, he wrote back, ‘Yeah now for them, for us to go there, they’re going to have to pay us $1,500 each, non-negotiable.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, exactly.’”

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman on the press helping build Omega and Jericho in NJPW:

“One of the things that I like about Japanese wrestling is the way they have their press conferences and the media involved. And how they treat it like a legitimate press conference because it is… And because of that you can go out there and shoot your own angles actually because you can’t really control somebody once they go out there and start talking to the press.  If you’re smart you can really manipulate things during those press conferences. The press conference gives it such a legitimate feeling.”

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Konnan on how diverse Lucha Libre is:

“It’s a beautiful thing because what’s happened is when Lucha first started all the Luchadors were all Mexican right? Now they’re white, Filipino, black. It’s become a global thing just like Lucha Libre itself.”

Konnan Talks About Shooting 3LiveKru Promo In The Hood:

“We did this vignette that was hilarious, Ronny took us to the hood and it was funny because a kid rolled up on us on a bike and he had a gun in his waistband and he said: “What are you doing in my hood,” and Rony said he used to do that. So, Bro, you haven’t lived if you haven’t seen Road Dogg in the middle of the hood dressed up like a PIMP, like an old-school PIMP Starsky-Hutch style like…with a rainbow wig dressed down in the hood and people were laughing.”

Konnan on What’s The Mission for AroLoucha:

“We saw what happened at Lucha Underground. I was there for season 1 and I was there before the company started, but anyway, so, I kinda know what was going on over there. Something that was evident is they weren’t touring, and they weren’t making any money with no merchandise after such a hot product. This is how hot this product was, cause people are miss led by numbers sometimes. Usually, they add hundred-thousands viewers right? From 80-125 or whatever, we go for that first number, “People aren’t watching the show.” I go that’s where you’re wrong. This year I traveled mostly with Rey (Mysterio) but I went to Sudan, to Chile, like all over bro, everybody knew what Lucha Underground was and nobody had El Rey. We saw Lucha Underground open the doors”.