Sean Waltman On How Ronda Rousey Can Keep Herself Different in WWE, Conor McGregor Bus Attack, WWE HOF, More


Sean “X-Pac” Waltman guested on “The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro” and talked Wrestlemania, his advice to Ronda Rousey and the Conor McGregor bus attack. You can watch the entire show in the video player above and below are some highlights from Waltman.

Sean’s wrestling advice to Ronda Rousey + their Wrestlemania interaction:

“So you know, she [Ronda Rousey] has a ring out at her place so I might go out there and do some training with her… I wouldn’t say training, I would say teaching… In a classroom almost, not in the ring… I just said, the key for you is just to stay– keep yourself different from the rest… She’s a huge wrestling fan, that being said when somebody comes in from the outside, say from MMA, and they are a huge wrestling fan they wanna get in there and start doing, you know, all the pro wrestling spots. And it’s like she needs to shy away from a lot of that stuff because that’s what everyone else does… There are just certain things that are routine about wrestling matches that she needs to shy away from to keep her different…the match they had, that match was about as flawless as you get.”

Sean describes what he would say if he were ever inducted into the HOF:

“I guarantee you if I’m ever inducted it’s gonna be under 10 [minutes]… It’s gonna be Scott Hall style… I would let the person inducting me talk about all the great things I’ve done. And then I’ll come out and I’ll thank everybody and all the proper people that need thanking and that’s it. No need to fucking toot my own horn.”

Why Sean used to think Bruno Sammartino wasn’t the best champ but now thinks completely otherwise:

“I look at it different now when I watch a match. When I was younger I used to think what made a good match were like, cool moves, cool high spots, diving outside the ring, moonsault, shit like that. And really what makes a good match is what makes the people fucking come unglued. That’s the one thing. There’s nothing else that matters, except making the fucking people go crazy.”

Why Sean doesn’t believe the Conor McGregor bus attack was a publicity stunt:

“No, it’s not [a publicity stunt]…it’s just not. I mean, everybody thinks everything’s fucking fake now and everything’s a work, you know what I mean? But it’s not. It’s just, his [Conor McGregor], you know, he’s used to being able to get away with fucking outlandish behavior like that and I’m sure he didn’t think it was, him throwing that shit up against the side of the bus was gonna do the damage it did… I think it might affect his being able to fight, though, in the United States.”

When asked if he has too much money to go to jail, Sean said, “No, he faces a lot of time. People got fucking hurt.”

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