X-Pac On Sami Callihan Incident, Receiving A Standing Ovation & Ricochet


During his latest X-Pac12360 podcast, X-Pac discussed the recent Sami Callihan incident as well as giving his thoughts on WWE NXT superstar, Ricochet. Below are some highlights from the episode with a h/t to PWMania.com for the transcription. 

Thoughts On Sami Callihan Incident

 I’m a big Sami Callihan fan… Obviously, it was an accident. And Jim Cornette chimed in and that’s what Jim does now. He chimes in on stuff like that and runs with it. So, Sami fires back on Twitter and you know it doesn’t’ come off good for him, but Sami is a really good dude. For the damage that it caused, it really didn’t look that great at all. You could barely see it (The Bat) hit him (Eddie), it was so fast. It was an accident.”


 “Honestly that guy..besides the obvious if you don’t know the guy…..like…meeting him and getting to know him makes you much more of a fan of his. What a good dude, everything that guy gets he deserves.”

Receiving A Standing Ovation At Chikara

“The thing that was really cool was I gave a little speech after the match and when I came back (Backstage) everyone was giving me a standing ovation and I never had anyone do that…ever. It was maybe the coolest thing I ever felt man; like in wrestling. I feel that I had a lot of cool experience. That’s right up there; I’m 100% honest with you.”

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