Segment Announced For This Week’s WWE 205 Live, Watch Kane “Chokeslam Socialism” (Video)


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Birthday Bash on 205 Live

WWE has announced a special “birthday celebration” for former Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto this Tuesday night on 205 Live. As usual the show will air immediately following Smackdown Live, exclusively on the WWE Network.

No word yet on what Kalisto’s big birthday bash will entail, but we do know that he’s currently scheduled to challenge Enzo Amore for the title this Sunday at Survivor Series.

Kane Chokeslams Socialism

As you may have heard, WWE Superstar Glen Jacobs (aka Kane) is running for the Mayoral seat of Knox County, TN in the 2018 elections. The former world champion recently sat down with Matt Kibbe, the President and CCO of libertarian non-profit Free the People, to discuss the ethics and negative ramifications of socialism in America.

It’ll be a long road ahead for Kane, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time wrestling fans have seen one of their own take political office. Jesse Ventura became the Governor of Minnesota, Antonio Inoki was elected to the Japanese House of Councils, and there’s also that whole…Donald Trump thing. Heck, former WWE CEO Linda McMahon is currently heading up the Small Business Administration as a part of Trump’s cabinet, so clearly anything is possible!

Check out the video below featuring Kane “chokeslamming socialism”. For those wondering, Knox County primary elections conclude on May 1, 2018.

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